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U.K. education technology firm prepares to enter U.S. market with stand at Educause | Solutionpath US
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U.K. education technology firm prepares to enter U.S. market with stand at Educause

The Solutionpath learner analytics software is causing a stir  in the UK with a proven 15% increase in the numbers of students who used the platform going on to achieve top class degrees. We are launching in the US at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference at the Pennsylvania Convention Center on Oct. 31.

The unique software has attracted high levels of interest in the UK and Solutionpath is now in negotiations to launch trials with US colleges and universities in 2018.

“We’ve spent three years trialling our unique software product, StREAM, with Nottingham Trent University in the UK, and the results show that over 15% more students are now achieving top-class degrees,” comments Solutionpath CEO Howard Hall.

“Our StREAM software is good news for students and for universities. We look forward to telling colleges and universities over here in the US more about it.”


The system works by measuring and analysing student digital ‘engagement’, monitoring and assessing the digital interactions logged each time a student ‘engages’ with the university or college, carrying out their day-to-day activities such as using the LMS, the library system, or attending a lecture – alongside data on academic progress.

The resulting analytics enable universities to identify students at academic risk at a much earlier stage, so that staff can intervene and offer the help and support required. In UK trials this has been up to 20 weeks in advance of an individual student’s withdrawal.

CEO Howard Hall and other members of the Solutionpath team will be at Booth S26 in Start Up Alley at Educause.